The loop generator based on field recording


Features Overview

Loopfield is a loop generator based on field recording and granular effects. With Loopfield, any sound can be transformed in a groovy or experimental loop.


Loop your field recordings

Loops are generated automatically based on sounds around you. Each loop loop is played 4 times and then replaced by a new one. When you are satisfied with the result, press the button "Freeze" to keep it.


Apply effects

Listen to your loops modified by effects in real-time. Several original effect chains are available, including effects based on granular synthesis.


Play your beat

Import your own pre-made beat to get a sense of what the recording will sound like when immersed in a track


More Features

  • Designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad

  • Slick native UI

  • Continuous recording of the surrounding sounds

  • Loops generated from the recordings, automatically updated each four bars

  • Four different effect sets to sculpt the generated loops in real time

  • Effects based on granular synthesis

  • Importation of drum loops from iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail, Airdrop and more to get an sense of the generated loops in a full audio track context

  • Touchable amplitude envelope to easily shape the sound

  • Sound export in .wav format

  • No BS notification

  • No BS subscription